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GTA San Andreas Free PC Game Download Full Version

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Crime Game: Unique and Controversial

            There are many genres of games, such as action, adventure, role-playing game, even crime. Some of those genres are widely accepted by the society, though there are some genres that can be considered problematic, such as fighting and crime. In a game with fighting as its genre, it is only normal if there is bloodshed.

While some people are okay with that, the others, the majority of the people find it problematic for such games to be published, for they believe that playing these games can affect the ones who play them. The developers try to placate these people by putting rating on their games, so only people within certain bracket of age that can purchase the game. Despite the controversy, there is no doubt that these kinds of games are quite popular. One of games with crime as its genre is GTA. You can find GTA San Andreas Free PC Game Download Full Version here.

The Controversy

            GTA is short for Grand Theft Auto. It is a series of game which revolves around the life of a criminal. The main character of GTA usually is a lowlife of a criminal with the goal to be a crime lord. The first of GTA used many back then fresh sensational stories to boost the popularity, though GTA only rose to popularity on its third series. With its increasing popularity, the game was soon to be the center of media. It caused pros and cons among the society.

            The pros say it is a great game for its uniqueness. After all, there is no other game which is as bold as GTA. It is a fun game to play as a way to relive stress. It is fun because in the game you can do things you cannot – and should not – do in real life, things such hijacking cars, robbing people, even killing. The cons say that it is a bad influence, that it might make the players become more prone violent if they play such violent game. Another point of argument is that the vulgar language used in the game.


            Despite all the controversy, GTA still has many fans among gamers. Some countries chose to ban the game, though later on, they decide to compromise by releasing the censored game. Whether you prefer the censored version or the original version, you can download it here. So if you are a fan of GTA, you can find GTA San Andreas Free PC Game Download Full Version here.

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